Town Hall-Reports

Town Hall Meeting Update


Posted 7/02/10

At the Town Hall meeting held in November, areas of discussion were broken up into 6 categories:


The Pastoral Council focused on Liturgy at the June monthly meeting.

The Pastoral Council is pleased to report that many suggestions made at the Town Hall meeting regarding Liturgy are already implemented or may be implemented in the near future.

  1. Looking for a weekday evening liturgy? St Joe’s, a member of our cluster group, does hold a weekday evening Mass, and St. Joe’s, St. James, and OLSH convent offer Eucharistic adoration on a regular basis. Check the bulletin for details.
  2. A question was raised regarding the lector’s readings not matching the books in the pews. A more literal translation of Latin has recently been approved by the Vatican and new books will be published within the next few years. The Pastor continues to discuss additional liturgical matters and the rubric with the Liturgical and Devotions Committee.
  3. Our newest parishioners are now being welcomed at Donut Sunday. It would be wonderful, with their permission, to take their photo during Donut Sunday and post it on an easel in the vestibule so that all parishioners can welcome our newest members. Would we have a volunteer who would consider taking charge?
  4. Thank you to all who are mindful of turning off your cell phones prior to entering church. It is important to take time before Mass begins to become quiet and prayerful in anticipation of Mass.

The Pastoral Council would like to take this opportunity to thank Fr. Ayoob for his many years of dedicated service to St. Margaret Mary. It has been our privilege and pleasure to work with him. Fr John, know our prayers will always be with you, and you will be in our hearts as you begin your new journey.



Posted 5/19/10

Pastoral Care:

The Pastoral Council focused on Pastoral Care at the May monthly meeting.

  1. In response to a request for Outreach Programs, there are many ways to volunteer your time and talents. Among them, but certainly not limited to, are the Health Fair, the St. Vincent DePaul Society, Knights of Columbus, taking the Eucharist to the homebound or nursing homes, Funeral Luncheon committee, Income tax preparation for our seniors, and the After school program at Mooncrest.
  2. Did you know that we provide welcome visits to new parishioners? Or that we have a team who visits parishioners in Sewickley Valley Hospital and informs them of helpful services like Short Term Hospitality to provide meals, Prayer Line for prayer requests, and Eucharist for the Homebound? Prayer cards are given during the visit to inform them of services they may need while they recuperate.
  3. Why wait until Stewardship Sunday? All ministries are listed on the website and the parish handbook! If you are interested in joining a committee please contact a committee chair (phone numbers are listed in the parish handbook and the website) or the parish office. There are committees for every interest! Come make new friends and try something new. Your help may be just the blessing someone is looking for!



Posted 3/14/10


The Pastoral Council is pleased to report that many ministries have been in place and are working successfully to carry out many of the suggestions presented. Ministries can always be expanded if more parishioners step forward to lend a helping hand.

Each month the Pastoral Council will discuss one or more of the 6 categories and an update will appear in the bulletin and on this web site. The last Pastoral Council meeting addressed "Fellowship" and the following initiatives will be implemented or are being explored:

  1. The welcoming of new parishioners will take place during Donut Sunday
  2. Looking to build an enthusiastic team of high school teens & adults to minister to middle school teens, hopefully in the Fall, 2010
  3. "Thirsting" for spiritual conversation & fellowship among your peers ages 21-30’s? Stay tuned to the bulletin/web site for more info! An interesting article along this line was published in the May 5, 2010 Pittsburgh Catholic



Posted 2/19/10

The suggestions and concerns which were presented at our recent town hall meeting have been organized and summarized into the six areas of our parish life. Over the next several monthly meetings, the Pastoral Council will discuss the information in each area and will publish a summary in the bulletin and will post the summary on this website.