On this day we remember
all the ways you’ve touched our hearts
On this day we all celebrate
that we have been a part
of your hopes and your dreams
that have shown us where to go
Of your work and your love
That have helped us grow.

Through the years, you’ve taken us so far
And now we’ll carry on when you are gone.

So we will work, we will dream
You have shown us where to go
We will hope, we will love,
We will help the children grow.
Oh, we thank you and promise to go on
Because you have left us

by Lisa & Jack Hartmann

    At a recent Pastoral Council Meeting, Fr. John was given several gift certificates from the members in appreciation for his work here at St. Margaret Mary Parish and with the Pastoral Council. Joe Martonik, our moderator, summarized our feelings with a children's song, whose lyrics are shown below. Carolyn Cimato brought a Bruster’s ice cream cake for the celebration. Apparently, Raspberry yogurt is his favorite part of the "ice cream cake."

In addition to the Pastoral Council pictures, we have some from our parish picnic, our parish renewal, yard work, as Celebrant in our Parish's 50th Anniversary Mass, and joining the 55+ Group for one of their dinner meetings, and the annual blessing of the Easter baskets.

God Bless You Fr. John
Fr. John

We have been blessed.
You have been a Priest first and foremost - a very good priest.
You have touched our hearts in ways that you will probably never know.
You have been a faithful spiritual leader.
You have been a friend.
You have encouraged spritual growth among your flock.
You have been a confessor, a confidant, a mentor.
You have been a comforter in times of our loss.
You have shared our joy.


You have our sincere wishes for a joyful retirement
and good luck in your next phase of ministry.